Jane Lee Hooker

This is about a band who captured the spirit of Aerosmith and all the other great rock bands from the early 70's. The music might not be the same, as Jane Lee Hooker branded their style of music as “punk blues” but the defiant and raging sound of JLH can be easily compared to this... Continue Reading →


Noel Gallagher

Munich, the 12th of April, the air thick of tension and an experience that is rather inspiring than anything else. People would leave the concert being fascinated and amazed by Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds. As Oasis came to an end, Noel Gallagher continued producing music. With NGHFB he created an innovative and... Continue Reading →

Bang Bags- Back to the 50’s

  ‘'Die Halle' in Reichenbach was packed with people awaiting the Rock and Roll spirit. The audience would leave the concert with having heard probably the best Rock n' Roll cover band in Germany.   Thrown back into another dimension and feeling like being in the late 50s, as the first minutes of the concert began.... Continue Reading →

Electric Mud- To The Boundaries Of Rock Music

Electric Mud, a post-progressive Rock band from Germany produced seven new songs on their new album "The Deconstruction of Light", on which the Rock is mediated in a versatile and distinctive way. With time they have made a progression, from productions using only guitar, bass and drum machine to now, using everything that makes a... Continue Reading →

‘For Stories’ Review : Rock and Country

Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band proof, that it only takes three people to perform good and expressive music. Mark Stone (Guitar/Vocals), Todd Jameson (Bass), and Johnny Strutt (Drums) were able to capture the best of country music with some added rock elements, on their new album 'For Stories' The song ‘Before You're Gone’... Continue Reading →


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