Bang Bags- Back to the 50’s


‘’Die Halle’ in Reichenbach was packed with people awaiting the Rock and Roll spirit. The audience would leave the concert with having heard probably the best Rock n’ Roll cover band in Germany.


Thrown back into another dimension and feeling like being in the late 50s, as the first minutes of the concert began.

Outstanding musicians completed the evening full of power and great rockabilly music. The atmosphere was steeped with an electrifying and  convincing performance. Seeing bands like the Bang Bags is a way of escaping the extinction that concerns the Rock and Roll. They were able to not only bring back the music of the 50’s, but also the whole lifestyle coming along with it. Surrounded by people in petticoats dancing and simply enjoying the distinguished music, it felt like attending a Bill Haley concert. The bands singer René contributed determination and energy to each song and the pianist Fabi can easily be mistaken with the one and only Jerry Le Lewis. One of the most outstanding covers, which they performed this evening was ‘Rip It Up’. The cover convinced with undoubtedly distinctive elements, such as speed and a remarkable stage presence which transferred into pure joy about the Rock and Roll.

Tom Jones and Little Richard performing ‘Rip It Up’.

After ending one upbeat song they did not hesitate to await the applause but immersed into the next fiery and raging song. The setlist was interspersed with almost all great pioneers of Rock and Roll, starting by Bill Haley, Little Richards, Jerry Lee Lewis and many more. The audience was included very well and the concert has set free a great determination of craving more. After almost 2 hours of performing, the band ended the concert with ‘Great Balls Of Fire’. The guitarist’s soli added the core and made the crowd erupt in applause and cheer. The band really lived the Rock and Roll on stage, by dancing and encouraging the audience to do so as well.Bildergebnis für bang bags band

They also proofed that Germans have humor. So if you get the chance to see this remarkable band perform live TAKE IT! It has been an evening well spent with amazing music and really good entertainment.






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