Electric Mud- To The Boundaries Of Rock Music

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Electric Mud, a post-progressive Rock band from Germany produced seven new songs on their new album “The Deconstruction of Light”, on which the Rock is mediated in a versatile and distinctive way. With time they have made a progression, from productions using only guitar, bass and drum machine to now, using everything that makes a sound.

Hagen Bretschneider, Nico Walser, Lennart Hüper and Gustav Hüper said in an interview: “We use everything that makes sounds for our recordings. We feel completely free to do what we like here. So you can find violin bow guitars as well as recordings of bees, baking sheets, cooking pots and many other unusual sounds.” They focused on recreating and recomposing ideas when it came to producing a new album, steeped with convincing songs. The album maintains out of purely instrumental songs, setting free a determination of craving more. Each composition is extended to about 6-7 minutes, in order to fit all the miscellaneous and even flamboyance influences in it. Which there are so many, that in fact, one can’t count all of them.

On “The Deconstruction of Light” it is all about the contrast between guitar riffs, reminding of rock bands in the early 70’s and 80’s and then again, elements and sounds Muddy Waters never knew, could acutely be included in a rock song. And these exact sounds are, what defines post-progressive Rock.

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Hagen Bretschneider said in an interview: ”When I was 14 years old, someone gave me “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd. It turned my life upside down and I immediately left my teenage music behind me.” And yet there are a lot of Pink Floyd influences to be recognized, in the music he is producing.

On some songs, distinguished guitar parts build the core, while on others, that what we call progressive rock is put in the limelight. But at the end it is all about the perfect gathering of both, were often bruising and steely guitar riffs erupt in light and melodious sounds, that sometimes remind of a Rod Stewart intro. By listening, one really immerses into the inspirational and sophisticating compositions, who push the rock to its boundaries. The band delivered a lot of emotions and feelings within their compositions.

“We are absolutely independent and free. We do not want or need to orientate ourselves on the market or the mainstream. We create the (musical) world the way it seems to us.”

By stepping away from the mainstream music, Electric Mud is making a huge contribution on keeping the versatile of music alive. “The Deconstruction of Light” will be released on April 6 2018, it is definitely worth supporting these innovative musicians.


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