J.P Williams – A Contribution To The Blues

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J.P Williams is bringing back the Chicago and New Orleans Blues, with his new album ‘Stolen Cadillac’. He was able to turn each song into an unique composition, by finding a new way of expressing the Blues and adding new versatile elements to it. The music he produces is based on artist like Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Woolf. There are aimed new ideas to be discovered in his songs. This is also the key to make the progression of music move forward.

“I really believe that the blues music that I do relies on artists that came before us”

Williams also said in an interview: “As I look at the progression from Robert Johnson to Muddy Waters to the Allman Brothers to Stevie Ray Vaughan, there’s always something new to appreciate.” History proofs, that the development of music could only happen, because musicians would eventually go their own way, by contributing some new ideas on how the Blues and later the Rock should be played. The same thing is to be discovered when looking at J.P Williams Blues. In order to make a change and keeping the Blues alive, we will have to add new ideas and sounds to it.

J.P Williams includes the guitar with a lot of tension and feeling in ‘TThe Blues Got A Hold On Me’ this intense ambition is going to be the core to his 4 song EP, with mostly dark lyrics. The way he expresses himself and the Blues through the guitar reflects his experience and deep understanding of it. The feeling and sometimes almost steely elements, he puts into his guitar play and the versatility of instruments, are what complete ‘TThe Blues got a hold on me’, as well as the whole album. He invited other musicians to help the process move along with their unique talents.

‘Woman of mine’ can be described as an old-school blues, where the guitar shuffle sets the tone for an earthy song with brilliant sounding licks. ‘Now or Never’ is an upbeat and swinging composition, which gets intensified by the harp. The sparkling piano brightens up the dark core and helps to show the Blues in all variations. The gathering of vocals and all kinds of instruments, could not be done better in ‘Stolen Cadillac’.

It has been a pleasure listening to such high quality and undoubtedly well-produced Blues. The album is packed with fiery riffs and engaging drum and Cajon sections. His music is distinctive and represents pure joy about the Blues.



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  1. man oh man,
    da hast ja wieder mal einen rausgehauen! Super  
    Viele Grüße
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    backtotherootsmusic posted: "  J.P Williams is bringing back the Chicago and New Orleans blues, with his new album 'Stolen Cadillac'. He was able to turn each song in to an unique composition, by finding a new way of expressing the blues and adding new versatile elements to i"

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